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How Long Do SNS Nails Last?

SNS Nails is probably the most popular trend that is gradually asserting its advantages over gel nails and acrylic nails with surprisingly simple steps. The reason why SNS nails are so popular and hot today, the answer is safety and simplicity. Compared with traditional gel and acrylic nails, dipping powder coating is a new method that is safe for health.

SNS Nails is a dipping powder that contains Vitamin E for strengthening nails, preventing them from cracking or turning yellow.

SNS Nails made with the dipping technique are durable and lightweight. And they can last for 3-4 weeks while the colour stays bright and natural.

It is odourless and contains no harmful liquids (such as sulphur) or primers, so it does not negatively affect the health of both customers and technicians.

The powder dries quickly, there is no need for drying time under UV light.

According to nail technicians, SNS nails converge the advantages of acrylic and gel nails: bright, light like gel and durable like acrylic; Besides, it has the least harm to the nails.

SNS Nails come in many colours to match the styles and choices of customers in four seasons. With outstanding aesthetic and health features, this can be considered one of the new techniques, an achievement in the nail industry and deserves attention.

The cost of SNS nails varies based on how you want to design your nails, SNS on natural nails or SNS with tips. The trendy design is SNS Ombre which costs $70. For more information, visit our SNS nails price list or call us (03) 4302 9848 to get exactly cost for your SNS nails.