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How To Keep Your Nails Strong

There are many reasons why nails are becoming brittle and weak following:

– Not providing adequate nutrition: The lack of nutrients, and improper activities have a great influence on the growth of nails. For example, a deficiency of Vitamins A, B, C, and D or other essential minerals also leads to faster nail breakage.

– Exposure to chemicals and strong detergents such as laundry soap, dishwashing liquid, or house cleaner can also make nails brittle quickly.

In addition, some people often have a habit of polishing nails at home, using poor quality nail polish containing harmful chemicals can also cause nails to weaken and turn yellow.

– Due to health conditions: the cause of weak and fast broken nails can also come from the different physical conditions of each person. People with thyroid disease, liver problems, anaemia, and psoriasis, … also lead to uneven growth of nails, leading to nails that are easy to dry and break.

In addition, if your body is often dehydrated and does not provide enough moisture for the skin of your hands and nails, it also makes them brittle and weak.

Here are some tips for nails care

– Proper nail hygiene

– Neatly trim nails

– Improve nutrients to nourish the nails

Get manicures and pedicures done frequently, to maintain your nails hygiene by keeping them clean and trimmed. Preventing nails infection or ingrown nails. Manicures and pedicures entail filing and shaping the nails, which can strengthen them and keep them from breaking.

Lavish Nails Spa offers relaxing and enjoyable experience with Spa manicures and pedicures, a hand or foot massage, exfoliation, and moisturising treatments are frequently included, providing a relaxing and renewing effect.


Besides, providing enough necessary vitamins in the daily diet to increase Vitamins A, B, C, D and calcium for shiny and healthy nails.

Most of all, Vitamins B7 and B12 also help provide the necessary moisture for nails, keep them soft and avoid dryness, breakage and darkening.

Finally, other nutrients such as zinc, protein, hydrochloric acid, copper, calcium, iron, iodine and selenium are also essential in metabolism, promoting long and hard nails effectively.